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Putting the U in Balance?

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I sometimes wonder how they came up with a word like balance and it doesn’t contain the letter u! Balance and my constant hunt to find it, has been haunting me lately until today (this was written on Monday).

I recently started a new work schedule, which is having me work 4-10 hour days so I am able to have Monday’s off and let me tell you it has been a miracle. Something happened when I realized that today, I have the whole day, to re-establish the balance in my life. For me that meant, spending some quality time with my son, weeding the front yard, my fourth online photography lesson, planning my herb & veggie garden, making a batch of carrot ginger soup for the week, chicken enchiladas for dinner and of course catching up on some much-needed writing.

It’s a gift – plain and simple… and as tempting as it was to simply just coast on the couch all day, getting up and doing the things I love to do (cooking, gardening, playing, writing) gets me aligned almost instantly, my happiness skyrockets and I feel I can conquer the world again (and a condensed work week).

Most of us spend hours upon hours complaining about how we need balance in our life but the moment we have time to ourselves we feel so exhausted we don’t want to do much but hide under the covers all day or feel obligated to fulfill someone elses list. But now I am going to challenge you and throw it back on you… what is stopping you from having balance in your life? Why are you throwing yourself into something that exhausts you but not into the things that inspire you?

I have several things I love to do which realign me to my authentic self and it is those moments (even if just for a few minutes a day) that I feel like ‘me’. So if you are feeling constantly overwhelmed and just downright exhausted, I invite you to step back for a moment and really look at what is holding you back – I can almost guarantee that the only thing that is holding you back from balance is you!

xo nicki


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