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Creating the Ripple Effect

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It is always so refreshing to stumble onto something inspirational, something that challenges me to take risks, push harder and be better. The purpose of this blog was always intended for me to have a place to write and take a journey inward – a public place to set my intentions so I couldn’t let myself off the hook anymore but the more I write the more I realize that creating a ripple effect is my main purpose.

Being of service to others has always been a passion, participating in this world towards the greater good, smiling at someone when they might just need it the most – you just never know how you are changing someone. You may think that because you don’t volunteer or donate big dollars you aren’t participating in this world but I believe that we are all participating if we come from the perspective of wanting to serve the greater good; this is through your job, the way you treat others and the way you treat yourself; just by being you, you are creating a powerful ripple effect – one that someone, somewhere along the line will notice and too be inspired.

So today may you go out living passionately, living truthfully and loving life.

xo nicki


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Lead Strategist of Culture Co. an online collective of relevant, authentic, impactful culture development, people operations and branding initiatives strategies.

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  1. Good point you make Niki. Random blogging tends to be just that, ‘random’ always good to stay focused on the purpose of your blogg as you say’creating a ripple effect’. Yes we never know how or when our words or actions will become the catalyst for change in another persons life. The reality is that virtually everything we say and do has some kind of ripple effect. The issue is more about what the ripple is. Our values and decisions along the journey often determine what that ripple ends up being. Whether the ripple adds or diminishes value in another. cheers, Brian from Oz


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