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My AH HA Moment

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Seriously I love life – and I love that it always delivers exactly what I need at exactly the right moment. For years I ignored these moments of clarity and sometimes I still do – usually because my ego gets in my way and tells me that things are just not possible but as I continue on this journey I am realizing more and more that everything in my life is happening for a reason; a really awesome reason.

I have been reading like crazy, reflecting a lot, meditating every morning (which has been mind-blowing) and praying (yep, the on your knees kind – wow that felt good to get out) and the results have been overwhelming.

I have been practising a lot lately the art of knowing that the Universe (or who I like to call God) has my back and has a path for me that is far beyond what my own brain can conjure up and I have to admit, my life is totally rocking because of it. However this brings me to one vital piece in the puzzle… The Daring Woman Project.

Since I sort of  ‘launched’ it back in January I have been really wishy-washy with the direction and with committing to getting started – I know in my heart & soul this is the direction I want to take but was uneasy about it. Yes fear was there, I am deathly afraid that something that is so a part of me could fail however all of a sudden it hit me today…. who the hell am I to tell you to go out and live if I am not doing it myself?

Wowza – ah ha moment, loud and clear. There are many things I want to do in this life and I don’t think I need to accomplish all of them before I can start to ‘coach’ others on how to get there but I do feel I really need to settle in to the process of finding the joy in my own life and right now that means a few things:
1. take my own advice – cause sometimes it makes a lot of sense
2. perfect my process – which for me means taking care of myself and live in the moment
3. nurture my relationships – with myself, my hubby, my child, my friends and my family
4. start living the dream now – in any way shape or form that is within my means
5. get some outside inspiration – there are a lot of brilliant people in this world that I really connect with – learn from them

So I am pledging to spend the next month or so really figuring my s**t out, ground myself even deeper and get connected to my own life – so then I can spread the joy even further and really do this! (this doesn’t mean I won’t be writing, if there is anything I have realized, it has been that writing is my key to freedom and a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy)

xo nicki


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