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AS you all know, I have been really focusing on my energy and aligning it with my inner rockstar lately and some pretty awesome kick-ass things/ circumstances (which we all know are never really circumstances) are starting to happen. Miracles are happening every day and some beautiful momentum is building.  But I have realized today that there are still a couple little pockets in my life that I feel discomfort in, places where I know that my energy is not aligned with my inner rockstar and is not shining through.

I have a deep desire to be ‘whole’, connected, grounded entirely to my life, my feelings, my desires. So while I feel that the momentum is building these few areas are holding me back from wholly reaching my full potential.

So I am dubbing June my “Inner Rockstar” month and I am hoping that you will come on this journey with me. For me, it means listening to the voice of that fierce girl within me and unleashing her fully on to this world – and giving myself the permission to become the person I already am.

So here is what I am on to, to really kick this into high gear – if you are interested in coming along with me for the month, I am going to be creating a group where I share this journey with you, it might be the questions I need to ask myself, or maybe a link to an outrageous seminar I have seen online or just a little insight into some insecurities I need to ditch – regardless it is my hope that through me working through some of the s**t that is standing in my way, you two will release your Inner Rockstar.

So ladies…. if you are interested even just slightly, drop me a line at, I’ll be sending out dailyish emails with what I like to call ‘my mindful ramblings’, and hopefully we will have a couple of opportunities over the month to hash things out over the web with a cocktail in hand so we can really get down to the nitty gritty of what the eff is holding us back!

Invite your sisters, friends, mothers, neighbours or your sisters cousins daughter – this is totally free but will be chock full of A.MAZ.ING, toe tingling substance cause I got a life to live and I seriously do not have any more time to waste!

xo nicki


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