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calling all DARING, kick ass chicka’s (yep thats you!)

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OK – I am calling all my sista rockstar’s out there – are you ready to blow the roof of this life? are you ready to fully grasp everything you have ever wanted? are you ready to challenge that nasty little voice inside of you? you only get one friggin chance…..

I certainly know I am – I am ready to be BOLD, fearless and totally kick some ass

Here is my latest ‘Inner Rockstar” entry from this evening (if you would still like to sign up please email me at, I will send you all the past entries)

what the FUCK am i waiting for? 

Ok here it is – raw, exposed and brutally honest. I am ready to listen, really really listen…. What the FUCK am I waiting for? Well truth be told, I am waiting for someone to give me permission, to pull me aside and say “Nicki – you got this”…. well newsflash girlfriend – its all YOU! Every single friggin moment is you and only you. So I wanted to take this month to regroup, get organized, feel like less of a fraud and really its all bullshit at the end of the day – I am holding myself back cause I am scared shitless that everyone is going to think I am off in my woo woo crazy lady land, that no one is going to respect me for ditching my good salary 9-5 bullshit ass kissing job and that I am never going to be able to support myself financially…. I am pissed right now – pissed off at myself, that I have allowed myself to tell me anything other than to go for it, to grab it by the friggin horns and just DO THIS.
I am done – done with not fully living, not fully trusting, not embracing me and for not putting a shit load of faith in myself.
June was my month to release my INNER ROCKSTAR and this is her speaking, I am ready to kick the shit out of this life, ready to turn the dial up and be the person I already am, ready to take full responsibility and tell that nasty little voice in there to FUCK OFF!
SO I hope you ask yourself – the pretty vulgar but necessary question “What the FUCK are you waiting for?” cause baby you are the only one who is holding you back. Watch the hell out world, cause I am gonna tear the roof off.
And for the song of the evening – cause “success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not
(ps sorry if the vulgar language offends you, it just needed to come out)
Yep we are going to rock this but I need your help and I am not going to let my fear of rejection hold me back. I am trying to get my FaceBook page to 500 people this summer – yep 500 – I am only at 49 right now so I am hoping that you can spread the love and let all the women in your life know about this site – cause I want to spread the love across this entire friggin universe baby!The link to our FB page is right at the top of the page and you can also get here this way

Peace out my sister rockstars xoxoxox



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