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Daring to Live 2.0 has LAUNCHED!!!

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To all my amazing, loyal, fan-freaking-tastic subscribers – thank you. 

The day has arrived…. I’ll go on record to say this is the third most exciting day of my life (next to my wedding day and the day I became a mother).

Today I release my dreams into this abundant world knowing that success is already on its way and has already reached me in so so many ways.

 For many of you, you have known this day was coming – but for some this is brand new news. But regardless of your anticipation for the Daring to Live 2.0 site, your impact on my life has been deep.

So here I am inviting you to take a look at what I have spent countless hours contemplating about, fretting over and clinging to the depths of my soul, to finally admit to the world what my true passion and calling is in this life.

This has been a journey of total self realization, abounding discovery and a whole lot of light shining. And the moment has finally arrived….

So without further ado, please click on the video below to watch my new sizzle reel for Daring to Live – and don’t forget to check out the site as well ( and if you you would like to continue to receive the blog updates, make sure you sign up (its on the right hand side of the website).

ps. I would be forever grateful if you would tell EVERYONE you know. My vision is to spread my light all over this world – into every little nook and cranny, so no oceans or mountains will get in my way ~ so please share away

peace, love and gratitude

xo nicki


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Lead Strategist of Culture Co. an online collective of relevant, authentic, impactful culture development, people operations and branding initiatives strategies.

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