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This is typically where one would put all the useless crap they have accomplished so far in life but I’m gonna go out on a limb. The whole reason the daring woman project was created is to get away from the labels we fit ourselves in to every single day, mother, wife, job title, best friend, daughter, etc… I’ve come to realize I am so much more than that and while yes, I am all the above items and very proud to be I figure you are more interested in knowing ‘me’…

I love a good cup of tea, I love fresh air on your face in the morning its intoxicating, I hate watering my garden, I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, I love to make people laugh, I love to cook but only when I actually have time to relax into the recipe and have a nice glass of wine, I love wine, I pray every single day, I love reading magazines (Martha, Real Simple and just about any decor mags are always at the top of my list), I love holidays- there is something so special about joining hearts and hands around food, I love being a wife and knowing that we are a team no matter what, I love board games and I especially love to win, I am a sore loser, I love to clean- it is instant satisfaction that you won’t find too many other places, I am overly optimistic- a cup half full kinda gal, I believe in the goodness of just about every person, I love to do yoga, I love to throw parties with friends, I hate being late but it seems lately I can’t ever be on time, I am a reformed control freak- I trust that love will always conquer, I LOVE lists- I have them everywhere and generally can’t focus in the morning without one,  I love being a mother- it has brought me to a place where I could have never imagined and for that I will be forever grateful…

I spent the early part of my twenties rocking out as an event planner and was on the fast track to become someone big but somewhere between moving back to my hometown, selling my company, taking a ‘regular’ job and mortgage payments, I somehow lost myself. The ‘nicki’ that was confident and ready to conquer the world had been buried very very deep within myself until January of 2010 – she emerged again and was ready to get kick some major self awareness ass. So here I am, totally living my truth – ready to help you find yours because I think you are beautiful, sexy, fierce and totally unstoppable.

So let’s do this xoxo


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  1. Well done Nicki. Beautifully written. I look forward to reading your journey as it progresses.

  2. Beautiful. Seriously so inspiring!


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