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Daring to Live 2.0 has LAUNCHED!!!

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To all my amazing, loyal, fan-freaking-tastic subscribers – thank you. 

The day has arrived…. I’ll go on record to say this is the third most exciting day of my life (next to my wedding day and the day I became a mother).

Today I release my dreams into this abundant world knowing that success is already on its way and has already reached me in so so many ways.

 For many of you, you have known this day was coming – but for some this is brand new news. But regardless of your anticipation for the Daring to Live 2.0 site, your impact on my life has been deep.

So here I am inviting you to take a look at what I have spent countless hours contemplating about, fretting over and clinging to the depths of my soul, to finally admit to the world what my true passion and calling is in this life.

This has been a journey of total self realization, abounding discovery and a whole lot of light shining. And the moment has finally arrived….

So without further ado, please click on the video below to watch my new sizzle reel for Daring to Live – and don’t forget to check out the site as well ( and if you you would like to continue to receive the blog updates, make sure you sign up (its on the right hand side of the website).

ps. I would be forever grateful if you would tell EVERYONE you know. My vision is to spread my light all over this world – into every little nook and cranny, so no oceans or mountains will get in my way ~ so please share away

peace, love and gratitude

xo nicki


peace begins with me…

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Today has been one of those days – filled with life errands to run and emails coming in fast and furious to attend too and in the middle of this flurry is me. The list of what needs to get done today is swirling and whirling in a state of constant chaos and then it hit me…. peace begins with me.

peace isn’t something that happens to you – its your internal state. peace isn’t having an easy day – it’s your reaction to what life hands you. peace isn’t hoping for a different outcome – its acceptance of your life, just as it is. peace isn’t getting things done – it’s being grateful for all you are.

So as my to do list escalates, I have decided instead that today I will be filled with peace. Peace with what I am able to accomplish (or not), peace with spending time with who it matters, peace with enjoying this moment.

xo nicki

Powered by (fill in the blanks)…

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Ok so here is the skinny – tomorrow I am embarking on a 21 day Crazy Sexy Adventure Cleanse that is sure to rock me to the core. For the past year and I half, I have been tossing around the idea of going plant powered (veganism) to get me through each day. It was a decision that was met with criticism from myself and that every eager voice to pipe up and tell me (along with a few other people in my life) that I can’t do it, that its too hard.

The truth is that I, for the previous 27 1/2 years was powered by cheeseburgers and chocolate cake and an intense fear of feeling anything. I used food as my shield, as my protector, as my guidance and escape and now looking back can see a sad un-passioned young woman just looking to love herself.

The constant back and forth of inhaling a cupcake and then turning around and skipping meals to make up for it, the self loathing for allowing myself to give in to the constant urge to numb myself. Well the last year and half has been exactly the opposite – searching to un-numb my soul and food was the last and most scariest task to tackle.At the end of the day all you pile onto your plate is fear and oppression, wishing for something more beautiful,  hoping that one day will be different.

So now after reading and teasing myself about everything vegan, I have decided it is time. Time to stop waning for the ‘right’ opportunity when we don’t have a wedding to go to. The time is now and couldn’t be more serendipitous as I embark on a very very important month in my life. So loaded with veggies, green smoothies and green tea, I am changing my perspective and releasing those fears as I go, ready for my soul to shine even brighter, to ignite with more passion as I release all the junk that’s been built up for the past 29 years.

So here is to peace and veggies as Kris Carr would say

xo nicki

Turning off the chatter….

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Good morning my gorgeous sisters. I am a week and a day away from launching my new site (fingers crossed) and I could not be more ….. afraid. Oh those nasty self criticizing voices in my head have again kicked it up a notch to tell me that this, everything I am sharing, starting this business is well…ridiculous. That I am going to go out there exposed and raw and everyone is going to laugh at me. And well because I know when feelings like this come up – stop, feel them, question them and then create a new story. Here is an excerpt from my journal that I wrote late last week

August 24, 2011
” I can feel this whirlwind within my right now. The questions, the hesitations – they keep floating around the walls of my tummy like a red fiery ball of flames ‘can I actually do this?’, ‘will anyone actually take me seriously?’ ‘will they think I am a fraud?’ now I know this feeling, I know how to extinguish the ball of flames, I know the truth. but regardless as each new day approaches, I seem to feel more & more uneasy – the fear keeps screaming ‘don’t do it – do not be vulnerable – they are going to reject you’. There are a million reasons why I don’t think I can do this and just one reason why I believe I can. I just need to stay connected to that one reason because that reason is and always be ‘my truth’, not anyone elses truth, just mine, my gift. I have spent the last ‘too many years’ listening to the million reasons and ignoring the one, but no longer. I am acting anyways & this feeling many not get any better but that won’t slow me down ~ it won’t stop me from moving forward because this is my calling – to go out into this world to be a mentor, to be a teacher, to write, to speak – to be the change and to do it in a HUGE way” 

So fear is rearing its ugly head yet again but regardless I know that pushing through that fear, doing what I am most vulnerable to do…. is where the magic lives. And I will never be able to conquer anything unless I can learn to live with that feeling – be comfortable with being uncomfortable, spread your wings and jump anyways.

xo nicki

we are gonna sizzle…..

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I am at the edge of my seat bouncing up and down trying to keep all the exciting things I have been throwing down in the past month in….. 

I am about ready to explode but it’s not quite the time yet but I want you to mark your calendars for a few very very important dates….. 

09.19.2011 The Official Daring to Lives ’cause life is supposed to ROCK’ launch. New website and not just a blog anymore – can you say programs, e-books and a whole lot of dancing?????? Because I love each and every one of you soooooooo much – the evening is totally free and will be held in Chilliwack (my quaint and lovely hometown) but of course I didn’t forget about all you amazing out of towners…. I am going to be (fingers crossed) ustreaming this LIVE! so anyone, anywhere can join us…. details to come *** and a few dance video’s 

10.01.2011   Launch of “I ♥ ME” 30 Days to Learning to Accept the Love Handles, Wrinkles and Sagging Boobs (cause I know you don’t). I am so over the moon excited to share this with you. 30 days of non stop love for that beautiful body of yours so you can get over the frickin number on the scale and get on with living. Again anyone, anywhere can join us and of course details and a few dance video’s to come!

10.17.2011  First official monthly ‘dare’ jam session. I am going to be hosting monthly meetings with some seriously hot, sexy, fabulous women (yep, YOU) who are ready to take their lives back and dare to live inspired. It will always be the third Monday of every month and well you know the drill anyone, anywhere can join us and of course details and a few dance video’s to come!

So can you tell I am excited… can you, can you????? I hope more than anything that you will join me so you can get catch the contagious zest for life I have and as a couple of the girls I work with say “sh%t rainbows”

see you soon,

xo nicki

one whole year…..

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WOW- I can’t believe that is has been one whole year since I first told my fear to take a hike as I pressed that ‘publish’ button for the very first time. I will never forget how freeing (and terrifying) that moment truly was as I put out into the world all of my hopes and dreams, ready for the taking.

I wish I could have bottled that moment in time and use it boldly when I am stuck in the ‘i am not really sure what to do’ outhouse of my own worst enemy: my own mind.

This past year I have grown leaps and bounds, I have grown wings and learnt how to fly, I have let me heart (not my head) guide me to inner peace, to freedom and let me tell you…. it is heaven. 

One year ago, I made the decision to follow my truth down a path I had no idea where it was going to lead too, with no idea of the possibilities, with no idea of the beauty I was entering in to.

As I sit here and revel in the amazement this past year has brought me, the doors that simply by surrendering have opened, a life I never thought possible… I ask… what is the day that you will look back on and know you accepted the dare to live your most beautiful life?


xo nicki


You Raise Me Up

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Relationships are understandably one of the hardest things to maneuver through in life and I am not talking just about romantic relationships, every human interaction we have is the beginning of a relationship – sometimes brief but sometimes can last a lifetime. The beautiful thing about each of us is that we are hardwired with individual sets of circumstances, perceptions and experiences. We all see life through different lenses.

During my recent 40 Day Fear Cleanse, we spent a week focusing on the relationships in our lives and were asked the question “do the people in your life raise you up or do they bring you down?” That question really made me think about the relationships in my life – friendships, co-workers, acquaintances.

It is not a question of whether or not you like someone or have the same interests. It is not about what they have or what you have. It is not about the fact that they have known you for 2 weeks or 20 years. It is about how you make each other feel. It is about bringing the best out of each other. It is about raising each other up so you can both be the best in your relationship.

I have had many different types of relationships fall to the way side, parted ways or in the case of ex-boyfriends split with vengence and it used to hurt me on a very deep level because of my intense fear of rejection. But as I now remain grounded in my authenticity, I realize that a relationship should never be struggle, it should never feel uncomfortable, awkward or fearful – it should simply just be love.

be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandi

xo nicki