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Take Center Stage of your OWN life

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“Use your life to serve this world” – those words spoken by Oprah last Wednesday, seemed to have been sent straight to me, as if we had been sipping tea together swapping life stories. For me, seeing Oprah take her final bow was an emotional rollercoaster – hanging on to every last wise word (and saving it on my pvr to view again and again). Since a very young age, I have always believed that one day our paths will cross and I will be sitting across from her sharing our passion for assisting others to find theirs.

Oprah was the beginning for me – a glimpse into a life of possibility, she offered a different story, where girls triumphed and your dreams were possible. And now more than ever, it all seems to make sense.

Our job in this crazy amazing life is simply to just find our calling – find what ignites our souls, makes us laugh, brings us joy, gives us peace. And although now I cannot imagine being on a different path I am currently on, it has taken me years to come to this place and without all those moments before I know I would not be here. But now more than ever I realize that a calling is not just a job, a company or job title – it is a lifestyle, an attitude, a way of living.

So I hope you are ready to take center stage in your own life – to stop hiding behind fear and insecurities and to be proud to share your insane beauty, your shining light and your magic.

xo nicki