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Turning off the chatter….

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Good morning my gorgeous sisters. I am a week and a day away from launching my new site (fingers crossed) and I could not be more ….. afraid. Oh those nasty self criticizing voices in my head have again kicked it up a notch to tell me that this, everything I am sharing, starting this business is well…ridiculous. That I am going to go out there exposed and raw and everyone is going to laugh at me. And well because I know when feelings like this come up – stop, feel them, question them and then create a new story. Here is an excerpt from my journal that I wrote late last week

August 24, 2011
” I can feel this whirlwind within my right now. The questions, the hesitations – they keep floating around the walls of my tummy like a red fiery ball of flames ‘can I actually do this?’, ‘will anyone actually take me seriously?’ ‘will they think I am a fraud?’ now I know this feeling, I know how to extinguish the ball of flames, I know the truth. but regardless as each new day approaches, I seem to feel more & more uneasy – the fear keeps screaming ‘don’t do it – do not be vulnerable – they are going to reject you’. There are a million reasons why I don’t think I can do this and just one reason why I believe I can. I just need to stay connected to that one reason because that reason is and always be ‘my truth’, not anyone elses truth, just mine, my gift. I have spent the last ‘too many years’ listening to the million reasons and ignoring the one, but no longer. I am acting anyways & this feeling many not get any better but that won’t slow me down ~ it won’t stop me from moving forward because this is my calling – to go out into this world to be a mentor, to be a teacher, to write, to speak – to be the change and to do it in a HUGE way” 

So fear is rearing its ugly head yet again but regardless I know that pushing through that fear, doing what I am most vulnerable to do…. is where the magic lives. And I will never be able to conquer anything unless I can learn to live with that feeling – be comfortable with being uncomfortable, spread your wings and jump anyways.

xo nicki


Beauty in Words…entry #7

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Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right”
Henry Ford

This quote has popped in and out of my life and every time I see it, it always gives me chills. We are always so quick to tell ourselves whether or not we can do something, be someone – and we are always right. What if we always told ourselves that we could – that there were no limitations? Each of our belief systems seem to dictate what level of success we will have, how our relationships will end and whether or not we will ever be truly happy.

I really wish they would teach this in schools, instead of how to do long division – I think it would get each of us so much further in life. And although I know this logically, I am still humming and haaing over whether I am ready to release The Daring Woman Project into the world- because in all honesty, I am dealthy afraid of it failing and even though I have moments of brilliance, where I almost hit publish on my website, there is still that little niggling voice saying ‘we’re not quite ready’… but very very soon I will be telling that little voice to step out of the way and watch me fly.

xo nicki