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What Commandments are you Living by?

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I am in the middle of reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, which a dear friend recommended I pick up. Although it is far less ‘spiritually inclined’ from what I have been reading lately, it is a beautiful memoir of Gretchen’s year spent looking at her life and how she can infuse a little more happy! She opens the book by writing what she wants her 10 Commandments for Life to be and this concept immediately got me thinking – what are the commandments that I want to live by? After a week spent on a family vacation along the Oregon Coast this is what I know my Commandments to be:

1.  Be Nicki – always remain authentic to who I truly am, stay connected to that beautiful light and never apologize for shining that light on the world
2. Live out of Love – see the love in every moment, situation and simply be love
3. Be present – get out of my head. You can’t change the past or predict the future, live for this moment
4. Serve others – do not give to get. Always remain “what more can I do to serve”
5. Lighten Up – life doesn’t always have to be so serious, see the humour
6. Forgive Often – forget about differences and say ‘I’m sorry’
7. Only Eat when I am Hungry –  be connected to my body and to the nourishment I put into my mouth
8. Pray – have a daily relationship with God and the Universe
9. Surrender – allow what is meant to happen, just happen – get into the flow
10. Be Still – allow peace in, remain quiet and listen
(and an 11th for good merit – Have Gratitude –  be thankful for everything in your life, you have more than you will ever need)

These Commandments came to me quickly and with ease and truly depicts how I want to lead my life, they are a calming reminder to stay connected and gently encourage me to continue seeking. When you have a moment of quiet, start thinking and writing about the commandments you want to live by, it can inspire change in your life, remind you of how far you have come or simply just solidify the gifts you already have in your life.

xo nicki