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Gettin My Hands Dirty

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Well life here has been a tornado of awesomeness over the past 6 weeks. I have been stirring up my big pot of “lets get this shit started” soup and I am so giddy to share it with you. When you truly realize your life’s truth there is nothing that can distract you, nothing that can slow you down, no one can tell you NO, you can’t do it and I am so fully committed to spreading the love that is brewin within me –

I seriously am exploding!

So wondering what the heck am I talking about…..? I thought you would never ask.

Daring to Live is about to kick it up a notch…. a major notch, we are about to enter Daring to Live 2.0 and if I may say so – it is going to kick some major ass in your life if you are ready to join me.

SO cupcake – no more excuses for not getting in the game, no more holding back… in another month from now we are going to launch this puppy and because you have been such amazing faithful inspiring accountability butt kicking partners in crime there are going to be some juicy juicy love bursting pressies for you.


Really ready to do this?

I hope so and I hope you will tell the world with me.

Cause quite frankly – the world could always use another bold daring kick ass chica.


xo nicki



Simon Says…..

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Do you remember when you were a kid – I would spend countless hours playing Simon Says…. determined to not be the one who would go outside of what was asked of me. Lately as I have pushed the envelope of my hearts desires, stared my fear down and got cozy with the woman I truly am… I am beginning to realize that The Big Book of Life is just another game of Simon says….

Simon says – graduate
Simon says – go to college
Simon says – get a decent job with benefits and a great RRSP matching program
Simon says – buy a house
Simon says – get married
Simon says – have children
Simon says – your dreams should only ever be hobbies

Well I am here to say to Simon – tough sh*t…. I think I’ll sit this one out. And even though I haven’t always followed Simon’s rules, I become victim to being a victim to feeling that my dreams are really more of a hobby than a sustainable life path. And so here I am laying some new ground rules

I say – color outside the lines
I say – live with your heart wide open
I say – do what sets your soul on fire
I say – don’t do something because every one else is
I say – question why you are here
I say – realize your purpose
I say – always listen to that beautiful authentic voice inside of you (she is always right)
I say – trust the journey
I say – be present

And as I walk through this life, I know that simply changing my perspective, wearing my rose-colored glasses and being open to love – my dreams will meerly be the diving board for a life that is greater beyond my wildest dreams.

xo nicki

calling all DARING, kick ass chicka’s (yep thats you!)

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OK – I am calling all my sista rockstar’s out there – are you ready to blow the roof of this life? are you ready to fully grasp everything you have ever wanted? are you ready to challenge that nasty little voice inside of you? you only get one friggin chance…..

I certainly know I am – I am ready to be BOLD, fearless and totally kick some ass

Here is my latest ‘Inner Rockstar” entry from this evening (if you would still like to sign up please email me at, I will send you all the past entries)

what the FUCK am i waiting for? 

Ok here it is – raw, exposed and brutally honest. I am ready to listen, really really listen…. What the FUCK am I waiting for? Well truth be told, I am waiting for someone to give me permission, to pull me aside and say “Nicki – you got this”…. well newsflash girlfriend – its all YOU! Every single friggin moment is you and only you. So I wanted to take this month to regroup, get organized, feel like less of a fraud and really its all bullshit at the end of the day – I am holding myself back cause I am scared shitless that everyone is going to think I am off in my woo woo crazy lady land, that no one is going to respect me for ditching my good salary 9-5 bullshit ass kissing job and that I am never going to be able to support myself financially…. I am pissed right now – pissed off at myself, that I have allowed myself to tell me anything other than to go for it, to grab it by the friggin horns and just DO THIS.
I am done – done with not fully living, not fully trusting, not embracing me and for not putting a shit load of faith in myself.
June was my month to release my INNER ROCKSTAR and this is her speaking, I am ready to kick the shit out of this life, ready to turn the dial up and be the person I already am, ready to take full responsibility and tell that nasty little voice in there to FUCK OFF!
SO I hope you ask yourself – the pretty vulgar but necessary question “What the FUCK are you waiting for?” cause baby you are the only one who is holding you back. Watch the hell out world, cause I am gonna tear the roof off.
And for the song of the evening – cause “success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not
(ps sorry if the vulgar language offends you, it just needed to come out)
Yep we are going to rock this but I need your help and I am not going to let my fear of rejection hold me back. I am trying to get my FaceBook page to 500 people this summer – yep 500 – I am only at 49 right now so I am hoping that you can spread the love and let all the women in your life know about this site – cause I want to spread the love across this entire friggin universe baby!The link to our FB page is right at the top of the page and you can also get here this way

Peace out my sister rockstars xoxoxox


Living an inspired life

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“How would your life look if you were listening to the voice of your soul?”

This question came across my desk earlier this week and really made me think. I often get wrapped up in the day to day hustle and bustle of work, commitments, mortgage payments and obligations and although I do a tremendous amount of self reflection every day, the simplicity of this question made me stop and think. With those few words it takes ‘living my best life’ and puts it smack right in my own hands, into tangible things I can do every single day to move closer to living that life.

I have big plans for my life – but that doesn’t take away that fact that I am living right now, right here. There are so many little things that my soul is just screaming for me to do, screaming for me to move towards and I continuously hold back ‘waiting’ for my complete dreams to come true. The truth is though my dreams have already come true – right at this moment as I write this, my soul is gleaming, my heart is ruling over my head and I am filled with inner peace.

So I hope you ask yourself the same question and continue to ask it until you know that your soul is singing over all the other rubbish your head is telling you to do. Let inspiration be your guide, let love rule and always, always let your soul sing.

xo nicki

29 years of life…

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Well today marks the date of my 29th birthday and I feel blessed. Every year at the time of my birthday I embark on a journey inwards to check in with myself – trudge through the waters, dig a little deeper and climb a little closer. Thinking that this is the last year in my 20’s has shifted something miraculous within me- giving me an opportunity to reflect on this decade and what it has brought to my life, how my experiences have moulded me to be the person I am at this very moment.

I wish I could have spoken to my younger self at 21 and shared with her all the things I have learnt along the way – that boys and bodies don’t matter if you aren’t being true to yourself. That you can’t find happiness, true happiness, looking for someone else to fulfil that within you – it has to radiate from your beautiful heart.

I am a big fan of living life and although I feel that part of my 20’s I desperately looked for accolades and approval from everyone but myself, I have had an amazing blessed life. I have an amazing family, beautiful friends, an unbelievable husband, a breathtaking child; but now most importantly I have me, the real me, the me that dances in the sun.

So as I embark on my 29th year, I feel fulfilled beyond measure, secure in my strengths, embracing my flaws and ready to keep on shining.

xo nicki

Putting the THANKS in Thanksgiving…

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When I was a kid Thanksgiving wasn’t my favourite holiday… I mean who can compete with the beauty of Christmas or the chocolate overdose of Easter? But as I grow older and of course wiser, Thanksgiving is now sneaking up on the list for me.

First of all, I love fall- there is no season more comforting…the unbelievable beauty of how each leaf slowly changes into a rainbow of reds, oranges and yellows and the way they lightly crunch beneath your feet… the feeling of a blustery day on the tip of your nose… sitting and enjoying a pumpkin spice latte… Fall is the end of the busy summer months of time on the road, hosting BBQ’s and playing at the beach and begins to ground us for the winter months. I become a real homebody in the fall, craving nothing more than to throw on a comfy sweater and pick up a good novel and snuggle down in the evenings- to me, the season of fall feels like home.

So needless to say, Thanksgiving has become the anchor to such a beautiful season. I will always be the first one to admit that I love food and eating with friends and family is one of my necessities in life. Joining around a deliciously prepared meal to express the things in life we have to be thankful for is something I think should happen every day but Thanksgiving gives us a moment to stop, breath and really think about what it is we have to be thankful for and I can certainly say I personally have a lot.

So on this Thanksgiving, I wish you all the ability to look at your life, no matter what you have, or what you don’t and be thankful, feel thankful and celebrate the life that you have.

xo nicki