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Miracles happen…

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Today is the day to celebrate mothers and to me that means to celebrate miracles. For me, becoming a mother on January 09, 2010 was a miracle, not only did my husband and I create a precious life together; something in me shifted the moment I laid eyes on my son – yes it was an overwhelming sense of love that was beyond me but more so it was an instant realization that I needed to be the best ‘me’ I could for him, so I could be the best mummy. It was that moment that I knew that tiny baby had given me so much more than I could ever give him.

For me being a mother has not meant to become selfless, to give up my identity and sacrifice everything I have ever known but instead it has been an opposite experience for me. Now more than ever I know how vital it is to be able to know myself, to give space for the person I truly am, to make time for myself so I can give more to the people in my life, my husband and my son and to allow the space for my dreams to take flight.

I have had beautiful examples of mothers surrounding me all my life and they have come in all forms; my own family and the legacy of women that have come before me, my friends mothers, mothers I have passed along the street, mothers I have never even met – they have all touched me and taught me about love.

And although I believe that being a mother is about all the day to day things we do, at the end of the day it is truly about love. It is about a love that does not waiver, does not fear, does not ask questions but a love that encourages you to become the beautiful person that they know you already are.

So today, believe in miracles, believe in love and whether or not you are a mother, take a moment and celebrate all that you are and all that you will become.

xo nicki


The Art of Happy

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I have noticed more and more that there seems to be an increase of attention around the art of being happy and what that small change in attitude can bring to your life. As I read through a few of these articles, I began to see a change in my own perception. I completely wholeheartedly buy in to the ‘happiness factor’ and I try to live my life focusing on joy each and every day but I sometimes find myself automatically seeing the negative, so I put together a little reminder list of things I can do to stay in the ‘happy’.

~ Live out of LOVE – pure, whole love – for yourself, the people in your life, your job, the earth and everything that crosses your path.

~ Wake up each and every day thinking about what you are grateful for. Even if you can only think of a few things (although if you really start thinking about it, I am sure you have so much more to be thankful for), say them over and over again as you start your morning routine. Being grateful for the people and things you have in your life will open up opportunities that will be life changing.

~ Always look at the positive. We all have unhappy moments in life but as those moments are happening, try to stay focused on the positive and if that is impossible, think of something completely different that makes you happy. When we complain, argue or think negative thoughts; we only feed more and more into negative opportunities to come into our lives.

~ Begin to eliminate the people or things that make you unhappy. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable process as so many of us feel ‘obligated’ to fulfill so many demands. In order to live your most happy life, you need to remove as much ‘should haves’ as possible and start filling your days with ‘want to’s’. This will transform you from the inside out.

Let your own happiness guide you and I promise your life will instantly become more beautiful and fulfilling.

xo nicki

Merry Christmas

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“Love is what it is in the room on Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen”

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family. I hope you are filled with peace, love and joy this Christmas.

xo nicki