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Living an inspired life

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“How would your life look if you were listening to the voice of your soul?”

This question came across my desk earlier this week and really made me think. I often get wrapped up in the day to day hustle and bustle of work, commitments, mortgage payments and obligations and although I do a tremendous amount of self reflection every day, the simplicity of this question made me stop and think. With those few words it takes ‘living my best life’ and puts it smack right in my own hands, into tangible things I can do every single day to move closer to living that life.

I have big plans for my life – but that doesn’t take away that fact that I am living right now, right here. There are so many little things that my soul is just screaming for me to do, screaming for me to move towards and I continuously hold back ‘waiting’ for my complete dreams to come true. The truth is though my dreams have already come true – right at this moment as I write this, my soul is gleaming, my heart is ruling over my head and I am filled with inner peace.

So I hope you ask yourself the same question and continue to ask it until you know that your soul is singing over all the other rubbish your head is telling you to do. Let inspiration be your guide, let love rule and always, always let your soul sing.

xo nicki


FINALLY I am finished my 101 in 1001 list

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Well I have been plugging away at getting this list written since the middle of August and now I am ready to publish it. My cousin recently published her own list on her blogand that me thinking. I love lists and I love lists that put me into action even more and I love being accountable to sticking with it even MORE, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Rob and I have a lifetime bucket list already but this list seems to be more obtainable and realistic for right now…. I must say if I complete all of these I will have a great 2.75 years! I will blog my journey as I cross them off so stay tuned!

Nicki’s 101 list in 1001 days to be completed by June 14, 2013

1. get a library card
2. spend an entire day on the hammock
3. have a ‘real’ picnic under a big tree
4. visit the Oregon Coast
5. Take Weston to a NFL game
6. expand my veggie garden
7. launch my website
8. go on a girls weekend (yes ladies that means we will have to finally hammer down a date)
9.  hike Mt. Cheam
10. buy a MAC computer
11. renovate our house or move into a different house
12. have dessert as the main course for dinner
13. take a pottery class
14. begin to learn spanish
15. have another baby
16. organize all our 11,516 photos into MyPublisher books
17. hike Othello tunnels
18. spend 30 days eating local foods only
19. volunteer at the soup kitchen
20. take Weston canoeing
21. have a weekend getaway with Rob
22. take a cooking class
23. get ‘trash the dress’ photos done with my girlfriends
24. take my grandma out for tea
25. work out every day for 30 days
26. finish Weston’s tickle trunk (we have an old trunk that I am revamping to be a dress up trunk for our kids)
27. sleep in until noon
28. host a pig roast
29. rent a cabin in the snow
30. write a cook book
31. go for a bike ride in the country
32. learn how to properly use my camera (no more automatic setting)
33. finger paint with Weston
34. go for a walk in the pouring rain
35. watch the sun come up (I am usually up around that time but I never take the time to watch it rise)
36. go blackberry picking and make a pie
37. go toboggoning
38. go on a Okanagan wine tour
39. learn to knit
40. ice skate on an outdoor pond
41. visit the pumpkin patch and go for a hay ride
42. write a love letter to Rob
43. go to the zoo
44. eat every meal at home for 1 week
45. make a gingerbread house from scratch- no kit
46. learn how to can (jam, pickles, etc)
47. make a cake with fondant icing
48. go to the Chilliwack Christmas parade
49. visit friends in Portland, OR
50. write our will and get it notarized
51. get my pre-baby abs back
52. do the splits (I used to be able to do this back in my cheerleading days)
53. learn to make sushi
54. complete a CPR course
55. update and expand my address book
56. go 1 month without pop or juice
57. have a fondue party
58. go 1 month with making all my own bread
59. organize all our files
60. paint the laundry room
61. save 6 months of income into a ‘just in case’ fund
62. become a 1 car family
63. make copies of my grandpa’s cross country journal for each of the grandkids
64. set up a craft area at home
65. treat our apple tree so we can actually eat the apples
66. send a questionairre out to my family members- find the similarities and differences
67. go on a road trip without picking a destination or route- just start driving and see where we end up
68. start my POD groups
69. keep writing in Weston’s journal and start a journal for our next baby
70. go surfing
71. have ‘tea’ with my girlfriends
72. go 1 week without any TV
73. grow my hair out
74. get an eye exam
75. complete a puzzle with Rob
76. host a masquerade party
77. enter an essay competition
78. spend a day in a coffee shop writing
79. hand-make every  greeting card from scratch for 1 year
80. write a ‘if anything were to happen to me’ letter
81. do at least 5 acts of random kindness
82. learn a photo editing program
83. have a garage sale
84. build a sandcastle with Weston
85. fly a kite
86. go to a Saturday night football game
87.  make an emergency kit for the house
88. start a book club
89. buy a helmut for bike rides
90.  leave a gift on a friends doorstep
91. go flying in Chilliwack
92. go on a train ride
93. take the bus somewhere
94. spend a few hours at the library with Weston
95. go to a drive in movie with Rob
96. kiss Rob under a mistletoe
97. watch Mary Poppins
98. floss every day for 30 days
99.  go swimming in the ocean with Weston
100. master an apple pie recipe (so far they have left me wondering if I can even bake)
101. meditate every day for at least 5 mins for 3 consecutive months

Wish me luck!

nicki xo