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You Raise Me Up

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Relationships are understandably one of the hardest things to maneuver through in life and I am not talking just about romantic relationships, every human interaction we have is the beginning of a relationship – sometimes brief but sometimes can last a lifetime. The beautiful thing about each of us is that we are hardwired with individual sets of circumstances, perceptions and experiences. We all see life through different lenses.

During my recent 40 Day Fear Cleanse, we spent a week focusing on the relationships in our lives and were asked the question “do the people in your life raise you up or do they bring you down?” That question really made me think about the relationships in my life – friendships, co-workers, acquaintances.

It is not a question of whether or not you like someone or have the same interests. It is not about what they have or what you have. It is not about the fact that they have known you for 2 weeks or 20 years. It is about how you make each other feel. It is about bringing the best out of each other. It is about raising each other up so you can both be the best in your relationship.

I have had many different types of relationships fall to the way side, parted ways or in the case of ex-boyfriends split with vengence and it used to hurt me on a very deep level because of my intense fear of rejection. But as I now remain grounded in my authenticity, I realize that a relationship should never be struggle, it should never feel uncomfortable, awkward or fearful – it should simply just be love.

be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandi

xo nicki


Life in Slow Motion…

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Ahhh! I am having a nostalgic moment and wanted to share with you. We purchased a new computer over the weekend (a Mac actually) and have had to move over all our files to the new system. Now that I have moved over all 11,516 of our digital photos, I decided to lightly look through them and WOW what a moment that was for me.

I am sitting here speechless at what we have documented over the past 7 years of being together, what we have experienced, what we have seen, who we have watched grow, fall in love… so many amazing precious moments that are now frozen in time. It sometimes just doesn’t feel free.

But in all of this, I have realized just how many people have been in our life- how many of them so utterly important to my sanity, my growth, my very existence. There are no words to convey the importance of these relationships; family, friends, best friends that are more like my sisters, aquaintances- they have all shaped who I am, who I strive to be- they are the mirrors in which I see the best of who I could be.

It is heartbreaking to see that some of the people I once deemed close friends are no longer close but I supposed that sometime’s happens in life- people come and go to reveal things to you that you weren’t seeing on your own.

I sometime’s wish I could go through my life in slow motion… taking in all the amazing moments I have been blessed to be a part of but I suppose that is what days like this are for- a gift to take a moment to literally watch the past 7 years of my life flash before my eyes through the smiles of those I hold dear to my heart.

Thank you for being a part of my life- you bring joy beyond words

xo nicki