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Yep, we look a little different….

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So divine intervention has struck again…. and while my focus is still on creating inner joy, this voice wouldn’t stop yelling at me to align the blog ‘branding’ more with who I am. So when it flows from the soul – just roll with it!

Why the red shoes??? – well, honestly I have a pair of sexy red stiletto’s that I have not been able to wear for the past two years (because of my ankle injury) but they represent something fierce in me: whenever I wear them, confidence erupts and I am always willing to be totally un-inhibited and BOLD … and I realized that is what a daring woman is – confident in who she is, bold in making her decisions, ready to conquer her passions and not afraid to go after them.

So you will be seeing more and more as I unleash this tigress from the depths of my soul but she is pretty kick ass and ready to do this! (yes I am talking about myself in the third person)

ps. I love definitions…

ti·gress//  (tgrs)


1. A female tiger.
2. A woman regarded as daring or fierce.

xo nicki