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one whole year…..

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WOW- I can’t believe that is has been one whole year since I first told my fear to take a hike as I pressed that ‘publish’ button for the very first time. I will never forget how freeing (and terrifying) that moment truly was as I put out into the world all of my hopes and dreams, ready for the taking.

I wish I could have bottled that moment in time and use it boldly when I am stuck in the ‘i am not really sure what to do’ outhouse of my own worst enemy: my own mind.

This past year I have grown leaps and bounds, I have grown wings and learnt how to fly, I have let me heart (not my head) guide me to inner peace, to freedom and let me tell you…. it is heaven. 

One year ago, I made the decision to follow my truth down a path I had no idea where it was going to lead too, with no idea of the possibilities, with no idea of the beauty I was entering in to.

As I sit here and revel in the amazement this past year has brought me, the doors that simply by surrendering have opened, a life I never thought possible… I ask… what is the day that you will look back on and know you accepted the dare to live your most beautiful life?


xo nicki



Gettin out of that FUNK

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OK I am going to let you in on a little secret – sometimes my life isn’t all liquorice and lollipops and occasionally sh%t hits the fan. I had one of those days yesterday where I was just off. I couldn’t seem to shake it (yes I tried) off. No amount of affirmations, positive thoughts or meditation could get it off me. It was just there, like a green slimy sludge, and it was growing as the day went on. It was this uncomfortable anxious whirlwind circling around me – it was my ego telling me that I finally am getting the message “this is all just make believe and it is never going to happen” and so after countless hours of fighting the feeling and trying to remove it, I took a deep breath and realized I needed to surrender and embrace it.

Yes embrace it – fear was ruling me yesterday and most likely it was coming up because I had such a powerful day on Monday. My red hazard lights were going off like there was going to be a nuclear meltdown. So I decided instead to have a little chat with myself – a pep talk to my fear and it went a little something like this ” sister, I know you are scared sh&tless of what you are creating in your life right now, it takes courage to own your truth and build a life around it but its ok, we are going to be ok, in fact we are going to be amazing. I know you are just watching out for me and I am so grateful but we can’t stay small anymore, we are planting big seeds right now, seeds that are going to grow beyond our wildest dreams, so please don’t try to get in my way, please let me spread my wings a little bigger each and every day”

We are all going to have those days when you just feel off, you feel overwhelmed, you feel stretched, you question what is going on with your life and you just feel flat out funky.  Well not to worry or give up faith, just embrace those feelings of muckyness and get on with it. Allow yourself a moment to reflect on why they are coming up and gently tell them ‘i’ve got this’

xo nicki

Gettin My Hands Dirty

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Well life here has been a tornado of awesomeness over the past 6 weeks. I have been stirring up my big pot of “lets get this shit started” soup and I am so giddy to share it with you. When you truly realize your life’s truth there is nothing that can distract you, nothing that can slow you down, no one can tell you NO, you can’t do it and I am so fully committed to spreading the love that is brewin within me –

I seriously am exploding!

So wondering what the heck am I talking about…..? I thought you would never ask.

Daring to Live is about to kick it up a notch…. a major notch, we are about to enter Daring to Live 2.0 and if I may say so – it is going to kick some major ass in your life if you are ready to join me.

SO cupcake – no more excuses for not getting in the game, no more holding back… in another month from now we are going to launch this puppy and because you have been such amazing faithful inspiring accountability butt kicking partners in crime there are going to be some juicy juicy love bursting pressies for you.


Really ready to do this?

I hope so and I hope you will tell the world with me.

Cause quite frankly – the world could always use another bold daring kick ass chica.


xo nicki


Simon Says…..

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Do you remember when you were a kid – I would spend countless hours playing Simon Says…. determined to not be the one who would go outside of what was asked of me. Lately as I have pushed the envelope of my hearts desires, stared my fear down and got cozy with the woman I truly am… I am beginning to realize that The Big Book of Life is just another game of Simon says….

Simon says – graduate
Simon says – go to college
Simon says – get a decent job with benefits and a great RRSP matching program
Simon says – buy a house
Simon says – get married
Simon says – have children
Simon says – your dreams should only ever be hobbies

Well I am here to say to Simon – tough sh*t…. I think I’ll sit this one out. And even though I haven’t always followed Simon’s rules, I become victim to being a victim to feeling that my dreams are really more of a hobby than a sustainable life path. And so here I am laying some new ground rules

I say – color outside the lines
I say – live with your heart wide open
I say – do what sets your soul on fire
I say – don’t do something because every one else is
I say – question why you are here
I say – realize your purpose
I say – always listen to that beautiful authentic voice inside of you (she is always right)
I say – trust the journey
I say – be present

And as I walk through this life, I know that simply changing my perspective, wearing my rose-colored glasses and being open to love – my dreams will meerly be the diving board for a life that is greater beyond my wildest dreams.

xo nicki

Recharged and very READY!

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WOW – I can’t begin to tell you how enlightening the past month has been for me. For those of you who joined me on my “Inner Rockstar” month, thank you, just by signing up you gave me the gift of accountability which forced me to be beyond honest with myself in so many aspects of my life. But now I am feeling recharged, grounded, aware and totally ready.

Back at the beginning of 2011, I decided to choose a word that reflected how I wanted to live this year, instead of just a list of resolutions. My word for 2011 is COMMITTED and I am about to take it up a notch. Fear has been popping up left, right and centre for me, being bossy and cutting me down but I now have the tools to tell my fear that we are going to be ok, we are going to commit to our dreams, and together we are going to make it happen.

Last Monday with my sister-in-law, we excitedly launched a new website called Sparkled Life, which is a big piece of my authentic puzzle and my creative outlet. However with the anticipation of that site going ‘live’ I realized a drive to breathe more fresh air into Daring to Live which is vitally important to my emotional connection to myself and every woman who wants to join me. I am committed to creating a community of women who want to better their lives, live their best, be who they truly are and embrace their fears. I am committed to bringing your Inner Rockstar out in FULL force!

So expect over the next couple of months to see some BIG changes to ‘Daring to Live’ and get ready to get off the sidelines and hop in the game ~ this is your life and you only got one of them BABY, let’s make

Hugs and huge love to each of you,

nicki xo

The Art of Happy

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I have noticed more and more that there seems to be an increase of attention around the art of being happy and what that small change in attitude can bring to your life. As I read through a few of these articles, I began to see a change in my own perception. I completely wholeheartedly buy in to the ‘happiness factor’ and I try to live my life focusing on joy each and every day but I sometimes find myself automatically seeing the negative, so I put together a little reminder list of things I can do to stay in the ‘happy’.

~ Live out of LOVE – pure, whole love – for yourself, the people in your life, your job, the earth and everything that crosses your path.

~ Wake up each and every day thinking about what you are grateful for. Even if you can only think of a few things (although if you really start thinking about it, I am sure you have so much more to be thankful for), say them over and over again as you start your morning routine. Being grateful for the people and things you have in your life will open up opportunities that will be life changing.

~ Always look at the positive. We all have unhappy moments in life but as those moments are happening, try to stay focused on the positive and if that is impossible, think of something completely different that makes you happy. When we complain, argue or think negative thoughts; we only feed more and more into negative opportunities to come into our lives.

~ Begin to eliminate the people or things that make you unhappy. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable process as so many of us feel ‘obligated’ to fulfill so many demands. In order to live your most happy life, you need to remove as much ‘should haves’ as possible and start filling your days with ‘want to’s’. This will transform you from the inside out.

Let your own happiness guide you and I promise your life will instantly become more beautiful and fulfilling.

xo nicki

Shine On

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This is a very special moment for me – a moment that I have been dreaming of and holding back from for the past 3 years. As I write this, I have goosebumps from anticipation and the unknown is haunting through my veins but like nothing I have ever experienced I feel the deep need to simply throw my dreams into the universe.

Fear has held me back for as long as this desire has lived within the walls of my heart – but today, just an ordinary day, I am choosing to fly.

I can tell myself over and over again that I am not quite ready, that there are still details that are a little crinkly – but then I would be giving in to the fear again.

It has been a long journey for me to get to this very moment, sometimes completely strategic and others hopelessly emotional, each serving its perfect place but at the end of the day, all of this has simply just been living inside me. This is not just another business idea, this is my joy, my most inner peace, my light – breaking free.

So without further ado….. The Daring Woman Project. It is my eternal optimistic hope that every one of you will join me in finding your path home… home to where your joy dances, dreams, breathes and shines.

xo nicki