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we are gonna sizzle…..

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I am at the edge of my seat bouncing up and down trying to keep all the exciting things I have been throwing down in the past month in….. 

I am about ready to explode but it’s not quite the time yet but I want you to mark your calendars for a few very very important dates….. 

09.19.2011 The Official Daring to Lives ’cause life is supposed to ROCK’ launch. New website and not just a blog anymore – can you say programs, e-books and a whole lot of dancing?????? Because I love each and every one of you soooooooo much – the evening is totally free and will be held in Chilliwack (my quaint and lovely hometown) but of course I didn’t forget about all you amazing out of towners…. I am going to be (fingers crossed) ustreaming this LIVE! so anyone, anywhere can join us…. details to come *** and a few dance video’s 

10.01.2011   Launch of “I ♥ ME” 30 Days to Learning to Accept the Love Handles, Wrinkles and Sagging Boobs (cause I know you don’t). I am so over the moon excited to share this with you. 30 days of non stop love for that beautiful body of yours so you can get over the frickin number on the scale and get on with living. Again anyone, anywhere can join us and of course details and a few dance video’s to come!

10.17.2011  First official monthly ‘dare’ jam session. I am going to be hosting monthly meetings with some seriously hot, sexy, fabulous women (yep, YOU) who are ready to take their lives back and dare to live inspired. It will always be the third Monday of every month and well you know the drill anyone, anywhere can join us and of course details and a few dance video’s to come!

So can you tell I am excited… can you, can you????? I hope more than anything that you will join me so you can get catch the contagious zest for life I have and as a couple of the girls I work with say “sh%t rainbows”

see you soon,

xo nicki